Meet “Tee Tee”

LaTrice “TeeTee” Gray-Covington is a self-made Style and Aesthetic consultant and social media influencer. When she is not encouraging others to find their authentic selves, she works as a private nanny and substitute teacher. With a reframed view of style and an appreciation of artistic expression through fashion and design makes her a really fun and enjoyable consultant and influencer to work with. Tee Tee lives in Sumter, South Carolina with her family.

My Why

Tee Tee explains why she does what she does

Q&A with Tee Tee

The word “style” can have many meanings. In your own words, give me your definition of “Style!”

Style is an expression of who you are. It reflects the depths and shallowness that is your human experience. With the right intent, style can be the way you turn to the world and say, “Heeey, I’m me. Nice to meet you.” But most importantly, style is how you set yourself apart from the rest.

As a social media influencer, you wear many hats. One of those hats is, “Style and Aesthetics Consultant.” Tell me what a “Style and Aesthetics Consultant” is and what kind of services do you offer clients?

As a style and aesthetic consultant, it is my job to help my clients unlock their true authentic selves and remove themselves from the boxes that we often think we have to fit into. I offer a variety of services that range from simple outfit building to creating a brand new aesthetic that is just you. If you want to explore how to wear bright colors that flatter you, I can help. If you are trying to figure out how to embody a goth, hip-hop, librarian fairy aesthetic, I can help you too. Most importantly, I offer my clients the freedom to be themselves without the fear of negative feedback in regards to what they may like. Finding your particular style or aesthetic can be a journey, but it doesn’t have to be taken alone.

Describe the concept of a “Confidence Locker” and why you chose it.

As a young adult, I was always terrified of wearing colors because I didn’t want to “look like a bag of Skittles.” But as I started to tear through all of the things that put me in this box of what I thought I had to be, I realized, I FLIPPING LOVE SKITTLES! Why should I be scared or ashamed of something I love? So I decided to live for myself because nobody else can be me. Somebody can walk into a store and buy an outfit directly off of the mannequin, but if that person is not confident in it when they put it on, it is just another look. So the premise behind the Confidence Locker is to take my clients out of the box they’ve been shoved in for so long and unlock that authenticity to help them find their true style/aesthetic and lock in that confidence! That is how we begin the process of developing that personalized style and aesthetic that they are searching for.

You recently shared with me that you are color blind. As a stylist, so much of your work relies on the ability to match colors and shades, how have you overcome this obstacle?

I have this story that I would like to share.
When my son was 7, I gave him the freedom to decorate our bathroom in our new place. I just KNEW he was about to pick out spiderman shower curtains and wall decals. Every trip to the bathroom was going to be an adventure. But I was also excited to see what his beautiful little mind was going to put together. So I took him to a few stores and let him show me the kinds of things he liked. To my surprise, he chose lighthouses and his color scheme was Espresso and teal. I did not have the money at the time to get all of the things he wanted so I took pictures so I could go back that weekend and grab everything.

My color blindness is the opposite of an obstacle for me, it is my freedom.

Tee Tee

Well, when I went back, of course, they didn’t have all of the decor he picked out so I asked this lovely young lady who worked there to help me pick acceptable substitutes. When he fell asleep that night, I went to my car and grabbed all 12 of the bags from my trunk, and got to decorating. I loved the end result. I thought it was really cute and I was super proud of him even though it wasn’t all of the things he chose.

When he woke up the next morning, he walked into the bathroom and I was expecting to hear “ohs and ahs” coming from the bathroom. Instead, he was silent so I went in to check on him and the conversation went something like this.

Me: “How do you like it?”
Him: “It’s a little busy isn’t it?”
Me: “What do you mean? They didn’t have all of the stuff you picked out so I had somebody help me pick out stuff that was close”
Him: “I can tell. You tried. Thank you, mom. But just so you know, she doesn’t know her colors. The colors I picked out were teal and espresso. This is cocoa and turquoise…”

While he went on his tangent, I listened fascinated at how much power color had over him.
I learned two things about myself that morning.

(1.) I cannot depend on anybody to help me with colors. And (2.) My color blindness is the opposite of an obstacle for me, it is my freedom.
My son was so fixated on the color scheme that he totally missed the pieces that he was so excited about in the store. He was so focused on the difference between cocoa and espresso towels that he missed the huge lighthouse that he had played with for ten minutes in the store that day. In his 20-minute rant about how teal is more blue-ish green and turquoise is more greenish blue and he didn’t see the stone mat, he kept running back to the aisle to rub.

My colorblindness allows me the freedom to wear and design what I want without the color restrictions that others have. It is the reason that I stand out so much. When I walk into a store, I’m able to see the other elements in the room or on the rack first. I may not be able to see colors but I can see prints and I LOVE prints.I can see shapes and appreciate textures. I am told often that with my style I cannot possibly be color blind. But I always tell those people to look at my outfits again. It’s not the colors that I wear that make me stand out. It is my confidence in my style that people see.

As an influencer, you are often approached by all types of companies and brands to promote their products or services. Your dream company or brand may be waiting for you if you haven’t already worked with them. Would you mind sharing with me a brand you’d love to work with and why?

Oh my goodness, there are so many brands that I would love to work with that are as unique as I am such as Anton and Maxine, Fenty, Locker Room, House of Enchantment, and EUG fashion.  I love pieces that are different and versatile and all of these brands embody those qualities. Eventually, I would love to create a brand of my very own that will inspire people to be bold and their own type of beautiful.

If you would like to work with Tee Tee she can be reached by email at

You currently have over 200,000 followers and over 5 million likes on Tik Tok. Suppose one of your followers approached you about being an Influencer. What advice would you give them about getting started?

Get in touch with a marketing team that will help you turn your passion into a paycheck without compromising who you are. If you already have an audience, they are there for a reason, YOU! Understand that as an influencer, you will be doing just that, influencing your audience. Having influence over a market or audience is a powerful tool. So as you transition into influencing, remember the Peter Parker Principle, “With great power comes great responsibility.” 


Tee Tee