In this unique moment in history, where political civility seems all but absent and political fearmongering and extremist views are often promoted as normal, what inspired you to run for office, and why do you believe this is the right time to do so?

My drive to pursue the Senate seat in District 19 stems from years of dedicated study, my personal journey, the wisdom shared by cherished family and friends, and, above all, the realization that our state, the people of South Carolina, stand at a pivotal crossroads. We face an unapologetic onslaught against our civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, and voting rights, echoing a ferocity not witnessed since the 1950s. This does not bode well for the path ahead.

Today, South Carolina is governed by a legislative trifecta that seemingly obstructs meaningful progress for the betterment of District 19. Yet, I am resolute, wholeheartedly convinced that if we remain idle, if we fail to rise to this moment, we will not only live to regret it but also bear a share of responsibility for jeopardizing our children’s tomorrow. I refuse to be a mere spectator!

My inspiration is kindled by the spirits of our forebears, those who came before us and those who walked alongside us. I draw strength from the belief that it’s the persistent voice that garners attention. South Carolina stands as the epicenter, the very battleground where we must make our stand. It’s our duty to show our fellow South Carolinians that united, we are an indomitable force. It’s our duty to demonstrate that we are a people who will always fight for freedom. Our legislature calls for fearless champions, individuals who will boldly stand in defense of our community. That, above all else, fuels my inspiration.

Given your past conviction, how do you plan to reassure voters and build their trust when seeking their support, and why should they believe in your candidacy?

I understand that my past conviction may raise concerns for some voters, but it’s important to recognize that once a sentence is served, the debt to society is considered paid in full. I firmly believe that we should judge individuals by their recent actions and contributions. In fact, under Federal law, convictions older than 10 years cannot even be considered.

What matters most is the person I am today and the dedication I have to serving our community. I am committed to transparency, and accountability, and to being a steadfast advocate for all South Carolinians, particularly those who have been marginalized or faced adversity. I understand the importance of trust in a candidate, and I’m determined to earn and uphold that trust through my actions, my advocacy, and my unwavering commitment to the people of our great state.

Your campaign emphasizes the need for unconventional leadership. Could you elaborate on what unconventional approaches or policies you intend to bring to the State Senate that differentiate you from other candidates and traditional politicians, and how these will benefit your constituents?

In my pursuit of unconventional leadership, what I truly advocate for is a different, resolute approach. I firmly believe that we must employ any and all tactics necessary to safeguard the rights and privileges that rightfully belong to our district’s citizens. Merely going along with the status quo won’t suffice. We must be prepared and capable of achieving our shared objectives through any legal means available.

This approach, while some may call it unconventional, is fundamentally driven by an unyielding commitment to securing what’s just and fair for our community. It’s about being proactive, innovative, and fearless in the face of challenges. By doing so, we aim not only to protect our constituents’ interests but to forge a path toward progress and empowerment for every member of our community.

In your view, what are the most pressing challenges facing the citizens of District 19 today, and how do your life experiences and values position you to address these challenges effectively?

In my perspective, the citizens of District 19 face a significant challenge—the persistent neglect of our collective interests. I am deeply committed to equity, fairness, and fundamental justice. My life experiences have ingrained in me the unwavering belief that I must always stand on the side of what is right, just, and fair.

I was raised with the understanding that I am no better than anyone else, and likewise, no one is superior to me. This belief resides at the core of my being. I firmly hold that it is not only a right but a duty to assert oneself for what they are rightfully entitled to, and that fair exchange is not akin to theft.

As your senator, I will tenaciously advocate for our rightful share of the resources. There is an abundance available, but regrettably, we are not receiving our fair portion. I am steadfast in my commitment to rectify this. There’s an old adage that declares, “It is the noisy wheel that gets the oil.” Rest assured, I am prepared to make some noise.

As a significant portion of our readers and subscribers reside in Senate District 19, is there a closing message or final thoughts you’d like to convey to the voters who will undoubtedly be reading this article?

I would like your subscribers, especially those who reside in District 19, to consider this: new challenges require innovative solutions. Outdated methods that no longer serve us must be set aside in the face of virulent extremism. We require fighters in the Senate, individuals unyielding in their commitment, deriving their spirit and strength from the very people who entrusted them with their voice. I pledge to be that Senator.

My life journey uniquely positions me for this moment. As it is written, “For this reason was I born, for this reason came I into the world — to testify to the truth.” If elected, I promise unwavering advocacy. Day and night, I will employ every necessary tactic to not only defend our rights but to ensure our prosperity. Our aim is not just survival, but to thrive, creating a legacy of better opportunities for our children and their children. Together, let’s forge a brighter future.