Managing Editor

El Davis, Managing Editor of the Minority Times, (Photography by: Michael R. Bailey, MRB)

Hey there, folks! El Davis here, back in action after what feels like a century-long hiatus.

Ten years ago, I waved goodbye to the publishing world to focus on my family and give my sanity a much-needed vacation. Let me tell you, life happened while I was away! When I left, I was highlighting black businesses left and right with the Black Resource Magazine and our monthly business networking hour. It was my mission to support black-owned businesses of all shapes and sizes. And let me tell you, that fire will always burn within me ’til the end of days.

But running a business and fighting for black entrepreneurship in the depths of the South really took its toll on my mental health. So, I packed my bags, took a breather, and gathered my strength for the next chapter of my wild adventure.

During my hiatus, the world went bonkers, especially for black businesses. The pandemic hit ’em hard, like a wrecking ball swingin’ in every direction. And to add insult to injury, we’ve got these anti-woke Republicans trying to turn back the clock on progress. Seriously, it’s like they hopped in a time machine and decided the ’80s were the place to be. But guess what? We ain’t havin’ it!

That’s why I teamed up with my buddy and former publishing rockstar, Michael Bailey. Back when I left, he had this killer news blog called The MinorityEye. Boy, did that thing blow up! It morphed into the biggest minority-owned media empire in our state—the Minority Information Network. We’re talkin’ eight news sites, five newsletters that cover the whole shebang—local, national, you name it—and a radio station with a listener army of half a million strong every month.

So, in April, Bailey came knockin’ on my door, pitchin’ me the opportunity of a lifetime. He wanted me to spearhead the Minority Times Multimag—a publication so technologically advanced, it’ll make your head spin.

Listen up, folks, ’cause this ain’t your grandma’s magazine. The Minority Times is about to take the printing industry by storm. It’s everywhere, man! Web, email, print—it’s like that sneaky friend who’s always hangin’ around, no matter where you turn. And here’s the kicker: Each format packs a punch with all sorts of cool multimedia stuff. It’s like having a party in your hands, no matter how you choose to read it.

But here’s what sets the Minority Times apart from the rest—it’s not just another run-of-the-mill advertising platform. Oh no, it’s a revolutionary force! This baby is the first-ever minority-focused visual anthropology and ethnography platform. Fancy words, right? Basically, it means we’re capturing the economic landscape like nobody’s business. We’re celebrating the movers, shakers, and groundbreakers who are making waves in this crazy world we live in.

Now, if those fancy terms made you scratch your head, don’t worry. You’ve got the power of Google to unravel the mysteries when you’ve got a spare minute. But for now, dive into the pages of this mind-blowing publication. It’s a digital experience like no other, dedicated to those who aren’t just living in these times, but are shaping them with their sheer awesomeness. Get ready to be wowed, my friends!