Meet Tia Brannon

My Why: Tia Brannon

Every hairstylist has a unique story of how they got started in the industry. Could you share your journey and what initially drew you to pursue a career in hairstyling?

My journey into the hairstyling industry has a bit of a serendipitous twist. I stumbled upon it, and you know what? I fell head over heels in love with it. It’s been a fantastic ride!

Building a successful hairstyling business requires a clear vision and strategy. What is your vision for your business, and how do you differentiate yourself in a competitive industry?

My vision for my business is to create not just a salon, but a vibrant community centered around beauty and self-expression. It’s all about fostering an environment where clients feel heard and valued. As for differentiation, I firmly believe in the power of team building. A thriving business hinges on a dedicated and cohesive team, willing to push boundaries and grow together, even when faced with challenges. This unity is what sets us apart in this competitive industry.

Hairstyles often reflect cultural and societal trends. How do you stay updated on the latest hair trends, and how do you balance incorporating them into your work while still maintaining your personal style and artistic vision?

Exploring what truly captivates you is the initial step. I personally find tremendous value in attending educational seminars and engaging in hands-on classes—they’re often the game-changers. Then comes the art of practice, honing it until it becomes an integral part of your own style. Embracing the freedom to reinvent yourself daily is not only acceptable but incredibly invigorating. This dynamic process ensures I’m always at the forefront of trends, infusing my work with a fresh, personal touch while staying true to my unique artistic vision.

Hairstyling involves more than just cutting and coloring hair; it often plays a significant role in boosting people’s confidence and self-image. Can you share a memorable experience where you witnessed the transformative power of a hairstyle on someone’s self-esteem or emotional well-being?

The impact of a hairstyle goes far beyond aesthetics. Witnessing the transformation in someone’s demeanor and confidence is truly special. There’s this unmistakable sparkle in their eyes, a newfound stride in their step—it’s a beautiful moment when we know we’ve made a real difference. I’ll never forget a client who went out of her way to craft a heartfelt card, expressing how her stylish transformation elevated her spirits. I find myself revisiting that card often; its words are incredibly uplifting and serve as a powerful reminder of the meaningful work we do.