Meet MonDarryl ‘MonD’ LaTrez

MonDarryl LaTrez, is a native of Columbia, SC. MonDarryl transitioned to the DMV in 2014 after serving as a mentor and motivational speaker in Richland, County Public School Districts 1 and 2, MonDarryl was determined to deepen his influence on the national education community. With intention, MonDarryl aligned, sought, and secured employment with community agencies (Palmetto Health – Healthy Start, PG County Public Schools, Peer Forward, Empowerment Enterprise II, US Department of Education, and Per Scholas) to ensure quality education to its youth, women, children, and teen fathers. Passionate about the move, MonDarryl found that the DMV was a natural fit to both give and receive compassion. Encouraged by friends and family to explore the DEI stage, MonDarryl founded LT Consulting LLC., where he educates corporate America in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives that destigmatize mental health in the workforce.  A believer in all things love. MonDarryl strongly desires to empower his community through acts of love on his podcast Love and Logic. 

My Why: MonDarryl ‘MonD’ LaTrez

Q&A with MonD

I’ve enjoyed listening to several episodes of your podcast, “Love and Logic.” I found them to be very enlightening and profound. You often offer insight into love, relationships, and self-worth from the perspective of someone much older than yourself. How did you acquire such an in-depth understanding of love and relationships?   

Naturally, I’m a person that likes to connect disconnects. I observed broken relationships so often growing up that I thought love was to be broken. As I studied to become a clinician I learned that it wasn’t normal to break love, nor was it normal to love from a broken space. But, through our trauma lens, we have learned to normalize brokenness. I saw this in my relationships. But the relationship where I’d really learned to love taught me that I was unlearned in the ways of love. I learned a lot from that relationship. After ending that relationship I asked love to show itself to me and teach me how to become more loving. From there I started reading more articles from relationship experts. I started examining my areas of development and handling them with love.

Love and logic don’t always go hand in hand. Mostly because loving someone isn’t always a logical choice. Therefore, I would like to ask you why did you pair the word “Logic with the word “Love”?

I kinda see Love and Logic as yin and yang, without one the other couldn’t exist. A naive heart requires logic. A logical heart requires love.

So I think that Love should be the leader in any relationship. Logic, I believe, comes to balance love’s nurturing side by offering its natural side. Natural logic provides love adheres to process and reasoning. It steps outside of Love’s principle that is emotion and says wait would you allow this if… is it normal to…


You often say, “You talk about Love like we do when we’re with family and friends. While adding “Therapeutic Practices.” Can you explain what that means?

As a formerly certified behaviorist, I offer us to have objective conversations. Here everyone has the right to be heard, felt, seen, and experienced as themselves. I utilize my skills as a practitioner to ensure that everyone feels welcome to laugh, cry, be confused, have hope, ah-ha moments and just feel safe.

Since you’ve been hosting the “Love and Logic” podcast, what’s been the most interesting episode, or what’s one conversation with a guest where you learned something new about yourself or gained a deeper understanding of “Love”?

Love sets boundaries had my dm lit. Many listeners said they’d never heard that love sets boundaries. A few listeners said that they were uncomfortable setting boundaries in intimate partner relationships out of fear. The overall theme was that folk didn’t feel comfortable expressing boundaries because they’d not been taught to establish a boundary outside of anger or what’s considered a social norm. This resonates with me still because a lack of self-appreciation and love definitely made me a partner that established boundaries when upset or that appealed to the status quo.

An Episode of Love & Logic Podcast

For the upcoming season, your podcast will be known as “Love Yourselves and Love.” Could you elaborate on what inspired the name change and what aspects of “Love” will you focus on now and what can listeners expect this upcoming season? 

So, I honestly never intended for the podcast to go beyond 1 season. The second season was a bonus and garnered more attention than the first. But one morning while meditating I received a word “it’s better to be present than reflective”. I didn’t fully understand what was being communicated to me so I asked for guidance. Once I became clear I decided to end the podcast. But after a number of people reached out to me I decided the podcast needs to be revamped. 

The past two seasons focused on me healing from a love I wanted back. I had become a better person and wanted to know if I could love the person I love from a healed space. And my heart grew sick, again. I couldn’t put content out in this space. I then realized that I hadn’t practiced loving myself presently – the healed me that not only deserves love but needs it to thrive. So the new name’s a reminder to all listeners to Love Yourselves and Love.