Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Michael Bailey refers to himself as either a News-Style Marketing Strategist and Technologist, or Ocular Documentarian. But what he truly is, is a Disruptor, in both the media and political arenas. In 2009 he co-founded The MinorityEye (TME) which has grown to become South Carolina’s largest minority-focused online news and information outlet. 

Before co-founding The MinorityEye, Bailey spent over a decade working in the South Carolina State Legislature fighting for diversity and inclusion, voters’ rights, and economic empowerment of communities of color. His tenure in the State House began as a Legislative Assistant and Director of Constituent Service for the late State Representative Joseph H. Neal.  Later, he was appointed Constituent Services Liaison for the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus. In addition to his work in the State House, Bailey has worked on numerous state and national political campaigns. 

He went on to leverage his political background in his work with TME Media Group. Now in its 16th year, Bailey leads TME’s editorial staff and works as a multimedia correspondent. His stylistic approach to storytelling can be defined as “Advocacy Journalism.” It can be seen in his work specializing in producing news stories and personal profiles that explore the cultural, social, economic, and political experiences and perspectives of minorities who live throughout South Carolina and beyond.

In the years since its founding, Bailey has broken new ground as an information entrepreneur and turned The MinorityEye into a platform that allows minorities to speak to the issues and current events that are impacting their lives. He has honed his skills as a Marketing Technologist and expanded his presence in the information space with the development and marketing of multiple online media properties. Most significantly, he co-authored the M.A.P.P.S. Marketing Attribution Algorithm, which is at the foundation of all TME’s marketing platforms and media products. The algorithm is a holistic equation that conducts predictive analysis to quantify a marketing campaign’s likely success. The formula is also at the foundation of training modules that Bailey has created to educate entrepreneurs about the five key activities responsible for business growth; Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales (M.A.P.P.S.)

In addition to the M.A.P.P.S. Marketing Attribution Algorithm, Bailey developed The Mogul Marketing Strategy and the News-Style Marketing Strategy.

The Mogul Marketing Strategy focuses on market leadership and helps companies become an authoritative presence in their respective markets. It is outlined in his debut e-book Eye of A Mogul: What Every Business Owner Can Learn from Jay-Z. The e-book is the company’s most successful digital publication to date, with over 500,000 downloads.

It’s no secret that Bailey is a News Junkie. He believes that news plays such an important role in our lives that he coined the phrase News L.I.F.E. (Letting Information and Facts Empower) As a result of Bailey’s deep commitment to the News L.I.F.E. mantra, he developed the News-Style Marketing strategy. This is the core marketing strategy employed by his media outlet and all of its support initiatives and platforms. With this strategy, small businesses, organizations, and individuals can create positive public conversations around their brands, increase traffic to their websites, and tell their brand story in their own words.

The creation of these strategies allows Bailey to take a more nuanced approach to achieving success for his clients. 

When he is not creating innovative marketing strategies, Bailey writes poetry and prose and is an Ocular Documentarian, sharing stories of African American historical sites, events, and people in South Carolina.

He is a founding member of the South Carolina Community Black Caucus and the South Carolina Voters Association. He also sits on several boards and organizations, including the Claflin University Media Advisory Board, and the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce Marketing and Communications Board.

His political background and passion for the minority community have made him a well-respected voice and an often sought-after commentator and speaker on issues that often impact people of color. He remains steadfast in his commitment to serving minority communities and unwavering in his efforts to use information and technology as a catalyst to advance democracy and empower the citizens of South Carolina.