Dear Colleagues and Fellow Healthcare Professionals,

I am delighted to share with you a significant milestone in our collective journey towards advancing healthcare. After dedicating 26 years to this dynamic field, I am humbled to introduce the “Healthcare Table Talk” series under the umbrella of Impact Counseling & Consulting, LLC.

The genesis of this initiative stems from a fundamental observation made during my extensive tenure in healthcare – the need for enhanced communication and collaboration among professionals, providers, and the communities we serve. Our industry’s complexities demand a platform that fosters meaningful discussions, actionable strategies, and ultimately, positive change.

Dr. Edwina Jackson, LMSW, LCRCFA, ASWG

The Healthcare Table Talk series aims to transform the way we engage with one another. It is designed to Engage, Inform, and initiate collaborative dialogues on specific health topics, challenges, and opportunities. By bringing together a diverse audience – including healthcare professionals, organizations, governmental agencies, small businesses, and members of rural communities – we intend to address pressing issues while harnessing opportunities for improved health outcomes through collective effort.

Each session will be guided by a Table Leader, a specialist in a particular area of healthcare, accompanied by a carefully chosen group of participants representing diverse sectors within the healthcare industry. This designated Table Talk leader will facilitate the discussions, drawing upon their knowledge and experience in the field. I invite each participant to actively contribute their insights and perspectives, fostering an interactive and enriching environment.

Dr. Edwina Jackson, LMSW, LCRCFA, ASWG

I extend a warm invitation to all members of our community to participate in the Healthcare Table Talk series. Join us live on Facebook every 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:00 P.M. EST. This is an invaluable opportunity for us to collectively shape the future of healthcare.

Through this groundbreaking initiative, we envision a future marked by strengthened connections, empowered professionals, and improved health outcomes.

Let’s make this IMPACT Together! ~Dr. Edwina Jackson

Warm regards,

Dr. Edwina Jackson
CEO, Impact Counseling & Consulting, LLC.