Are you a photographer looking to add another revenue stream to your services? Or perhaps you are an author, artist, content creator, entrepreneur, business coach, or nonprofit director who recently had a photo shoot that you are exceptionally proud of. Your stunning photos deserve to do more than just fade away on social media after a few likes.

Let our ‘Visual Aesthetics Team’ work its magic, transforming your photos into a full magazine spread in The Minority Times Multimag with our new Personal Profile Feature service. Immerse yourself in our documentary-style multimag, designed to turn your awesome photos into attention-grabbing marketing assets, unlocking their full potential for maximum impact.

Here’s how it works: We carefully select several of your standout images and guide you through our user-friendly, self-assisted interview process. The result? A captivating full-feature magazine spread that becomes a powerful marketing and promotional tool for your company or personal brand, effortlessly drawing the publicity and attention you deserve. At the same time, it provides an informative and authentic personal or brand narrative that potential clients will appreciate and connect with.

No recent photos to share? No problem! Our exceptional team of photojournalists is ready to schedule a personalized photoshoot, highlighting the best aspects of you or your brand.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to turn your photos into a powerful marketing and public relations asset.

To take advantage of this opportunity, simply fill out the interview questionnaire form below, and our dedicated editorial team will contact you to help you harness the marketing power of your photo shoot.

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